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Free online shop


Create your own online store with SOTESHOP Open and share your project with us (send shop's URL address to open@sote.pl).

We'll present the most interesting shops at our Facebook's fanpage and blog

We don't provide service support for Open version.
SOTESHOP Open differs with functionality from Commercial version.

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Webmasters friendly

If you're a Webmaster, you can build your portfolio with SOTESHOP Open absolutely for free.
SOTESHOP is an Open Source software, so you get an access to the entire program's code, we don't hide anything from you.
SOTESHOP OPEN Przyjazny webmasterom

Quick transition

You can change your store to the commercial version at any time and get an access to many, new features and services. You don't bear any extra costs related to data migration from another system, and your shop runs without any interruption.
SOTESHOP OPEN szybka migracja

SOTESHOP Open examples

ciachni shinygarage bukietdlabobasa szklo-dekor prakt umbracatervae rcsalon galeria-obrazy czas-zmian igarderoba

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