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When using SOTESHOP OPEN, you can add up to 100 products to your store.

At any given time you can change your software to the commercial version and automatically increase the products limit to 10 000. With the SOTESHOP commercial version you also gain features: products import/export and WebAPI. In addition you will be given the access to the updates and a technical support.

SOTESHOP OPEN Przyjazny webmasterom

Webmasters friendly

If you're a Webmaster, you can build your portfolio with SOTESHOP Open absolutely for free.

SOTESHOP is an Open Source software, so you get an access to the entire program's code, we don't hide anything from you.


SOTESHOP is the ideal solution for educational purposes.

If you need an online store for tests, presentations or training purposes, use the free version of SOTESHOP software.

SOTESHOP OPEN dla edukacji

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