ADS Tracker

ADS Tracker is a tool designed and developed by SOTE team. It measures the efficiency of ads and volume of sales generated from any link to the store. It supports Google, Facebook and similar ads. It allows you to compare advertising campaigns running on various platforms with the use of one tool and uniform rules of conversion calculation.

Functions of ADS Tracker

  • Conversion analysis for periods from 30 to 180 days.
  • Conversion analysis as per the first or last entry.
  • Orders include the information on the source of the client acquisition.
  • History of ad clicks at order placement.
  • Orders placed through an ad are marked on the list of orders.
  • Conversion analysis broken down into platforms, campaigns and advertisements.
  • Diagrams and reports on advertising-to-sales ratio.
  • Page view statistics.
  • Identifying changes of devices by the user *).
  • Identifying changes of the Internet connection.
  • Filtering your own entries from the store.
  • Eliminating iOS14-related limitations .
  • Automatic integration with other SOTE apps
    • Data export to the following price comparison websites:
      • Ceneo
      • Nokaut
      • Okazje
      • Radar
      • Sklepy24
    • Google ADS
    • Google Shopping
    • Sklep na facebooku
    • Facebook ADS
    • Domodi
    • Homebook
    • Allani
    • Favi

*) It may not be possible to Identify changes of devices in every case

Comparing offers of advertising platforms

Comparing maximum time of conversion analysis with page views (ad clicks).

Type of advertisement Facebook ADS Google ADS ADS Tracker
Display 7 days 1 session 180 days
Video 7 days 1 session 180 days
Shop on Facebook 7 days - 180 days
Google Search - 90 days 180 days
Google Shopping - 90 days 180 days


Conversion analysis as per the first or last ad click. Available options.

Click type Facebook ADS Google ADS ADS Tracker
First - Yes Yes
Last Yes Yes Yes


ADS Tracker

ADS Tracker is not an external service, as it operates within one domain and store software. Therefore, it allows you to generate full conversion data reports without the limitations imposed by browsers and iOS14 devices. ADS Tracker exchanges data directly with the user without any intermediary systems.



Find out how to set up and use ADS Tracker: Documentation