Getting the list of tax rates. The list can be shortened by using the parameters _offset and _limit.

  • Input data type => object
  • Output data type => array

Input parameters

  1. _session_hash (string)
  2. Required. Session identifier (obtained during login - doLogin)

  3. product_id (integer)
  4. Required. Product's identifier. Product with a given id has to exist.

  5. _offset (integer)
  6. Required. Specifies results' shift by a certain offset.

  7. _limit (integer)
  8. Required. Specifies the amount of results in a query.

  9. _modified_from (dateTime)
  10. Specifies modification date from which the results are displayed. Unixtime format.

  11. _modified_to (dateTime)
  12. Specifies modification date to which the results are displayed. Unixtime format.

Output data

  1. created_at (dateTime)
  2. Created at.

  3. updated_at (dateTime)
  4. Last updated at.

  5. id (integer)
  6. Identifier.

  7. vat (integer)
  8. Tax value

  9. vat_name (string)
  10. Tax name.

  11. is_default (integer)
  12. Specifies whether a tax is default.