Add favicon to your online store


What is favicon?

Favicon is a symbol of your site in a browser. Icon helps the users to identify what website they are visting. All the major companies use a favicon:

How to create favicon?

There are several sites that help you to create an icon. Let's take a look at one of them. With Favicon.ico Generator you can easily make your own favicon.

Favicon can be created from scratch or import your store's photo such as a logo. Please note that the favicon is a square.

You can also select an image for your store of already finished projects. Most of them are based on an open license.

When your favicon is ready, save it on your computer. Throughout the editing process, you can preview icon in the orginal size.

How to add my icon to SOTESHOP?

Download Favicon application from,install and go to Panel -> Favicon.

After adding, your icon will display it in the module. You can change it later.

Sometimes it happens that the icon does not appear immediately in your browser. This is dependent on the browser memory settings. In this case you should refresh your browser memory (ctrl + shift + r), or restart your browser.


You can also put the icon favicon.ico via FTP into the directory soteshop/web/favicon.ico