CashBill - new payment in SOTE


Lately we added the new payments CashBill to SOTESHOP. CashBill is fast and secure electronic payment system. A wide range of payment channels is constantly updated with the new payment services, through integrations with banks and providers of alternative payment forms. Constant system monitoting and round-the-clock technical supervision guarantee a proper 24/7 service performance.

Especially for SOTE customers, CashBill has prepared promotional commission rates starting at 0.65%.

CashBill's adventages:
  • KNF and NBP supervision,
  • safety,
  • availability and popularity,
  • short transaction's time,
  • versatility,
  • favorable trading conditions,
  • comprehensive offer,
  • intuitive payment's interface,
  • branding of payment's process.

Update your shop and activate the new payment system authorizing electronic transfers and credit cards. Watch how to activate CashBill in SOTESHOP.

download tutorial and check CashBill's promotional commission rates only for SOTE customers.