Customer relations


Customer relations are a vital business aspect; therefore, when operating an on-line store it is important to provide for an option of a client contact. It may be sufficient to have his/her telephone and e-mail address, in some cases though, an on–line chat may prove useful.

It must be remembered that even the best technological solutions will not equal a conversation. This in particular pertains to specialized assortment of goods or goods which require additional expertise to make a good choice. In many cases, the knowledge of a seller proves of key importance in customer's purchasing decision.

Chat, selected features:

  • On-line availability status of sellers
  • Client view on the website
  • Websites visited by the client
  • Recognition of returning clients
  • Chat history
  • Option of chat initiation on the website
  • Recording chat sessions

If you do use the chat option, do not forget about the telephone or e-mail contact. Chat is just a new option. The technologies used in maintaining contact with the client may change, yet the other party will always be a human being. More and more often we tend to be in touch with various persons using different methods; therefore, it is important to offer your clients a range of contact options.

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