Dictionary of e-commerce


Cooperating with Dr. linguist. Peter Fliciński from the University of the Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan have prepared a Christmas gift: "Dictionary of basic terms of e-commerce.".

"The aim is to provide the lexicon in simple terms and terminology complexities associated with this industry, especially in terms of computer science vocabulary. Simplicity of language is to ensure the practicality of use." - Peter Fliciński


We hope that it will be a helpful tool for the job. Available is online version (https://www.sote.pl/slownik) and printed.

Author: Dr. linguist. Peter Fliciński - Assistant Professor in the Department of phraseology and Culture of Polish Language University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan, lexicographer, academic lecturer, author of dictionaries, works on phraseology and phraselogy of Polish, the editor of scientific books and other publications.