Facebook & YouTube & Twitter


E-mail newsletters have became less and less effective. We receive too many e-mails everyday so we can't focus the proper attention on them. Social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the modern form of reaching out to customers.

Lately we've achieved a "magic" number of 1000 "likes" on our polish FanPage(we also have 78 "likes" on our international Facebook) and passed 100 000 movies views on the YouTube channel.

Therefore, we'd like to share our experiences, thoughts and advices with you. It will help you effectively build a community centered around your e-shops.


  • Build a community as planned, step by step.
  • Take care of fanpage's content. It's quality, not quantity. It's important to provide meaningful and interesting information.
  • Add a content regularly. If you have no idea what to write, it's better not to write anything - Facebook isn't a garbage bag. If you give a phantom information then it's less likely to show a message to other people.
  • Share various content - images, descriptions, videos, etc.
  • Happy medium is 80% of interesting information and 20% of sales messages.
  • Answer the questions and comments. Check your Facebook's e-mail box - many people use it as an alternative to e-mail mailboxes.


  • Upload good quality videos.
  • Try to make the videos last not too long. Respect the time of others.
  • Promote your videos. Use the advertisement tools eg. Youtube Ads.
  • Show your products in the videos. Add a video to product's description.
  • Link YouTube videos to social networking sites.
  • Tag the videos - it will help to search them.
  • In a video's description add a link to your shop.
  • Carefully prepare your video channel - configure it and set the graphics.
  • Regularly check what’s happening on the channel, read the messages and comments.
  • Analyze stats.


  • Don't treat Twitter as Facebook's backup communication channel - both platforms require dedicated content.
  • Don't connect Twitter with Facebook. Publishing information directly from Facebook to Twitter shows a lack of respect for people "following" you.
  • Post unique tweets.
  • Carefully choose the words to fit in 140 characters (shorten links).
  • Tweet everyday, but not all the time.
  • Try not to devide information on several tweets - it is inefficient and doesn't look good..
  • Answer the tweets directed to you.
  • Monitor mentions of your e=shop.
  • Skillfully use trends (#hashtags) and topics - it'll help to create the discussions.
  • Tweet links to interesting information from your branch.
  • Add @twittername in your comments.
  • Monitor users, to which you can reach with your shop.
  • Select who to follow - if you select a proper group of users that you follow - Twitter will suggest a similar group of another users to follow.
  • Carefully prepare your Twitter page – configure it (avatar, name, description) and set the graphics.