Fair play in the virtual world


- We not only sell our product, but we also offer customers support when they starting and driving store. To this is just supposed to serve our unique service called SOTESHOP Exclusive -- underlines Marek Jakubowicz, co-owner of the Poznan’s company SOTE.

What is SOTESHOP Exclusive?

-It is the additional service goes beyond the software which we offer. The customer helps to run a online store, significantly increasing its chances on the gaining of the success…

Let us begin however from this that reports to you the customer…

- First of all we want, so that he shared with us with the philosophy of his company and he said with what deals with, which is his goal, what is his idea on the business. Such interview permits to steer our work. After the interview we will be able to select the suitable graphic project, design the page layout, to wonder what mechanisms of the promotion should be in the future used. Such decisions very much depends. If you have already at the beginning of the we will go in the wrong direction, the costs of the return may be very large.

Customers who we get I share on two groups. First start the adventure with e-commerce and do not know how to start. They know what should be in an online store find: for example that it should be the English version so, that you can sell goods abroad that must be promoted that it is worth it included such and not other pictures of goods. But this is only an outline, plan requiring detail and appropriate targeting. Second group, i.e. customers who already have online stores, operate at the network, not bad earn, but not develop business because they fear to take another step.

Maybe they do not want? Why to change something, what well functions?

- Changes one ought to make, because the technique gives to us more and more possibilities. The customer who uses the online store, usually appreciates the possibility of making of shopping at the use of the mobile application. Often it is proper also to make an attempt to arie on abroad markets. Who does not improve his offer, exposes himself on the outflow of customers to the competition. Besides from time to time change legal requirements associated with managing the store, there are also that he happens the computer scientist leaves and the project becomes without the care…

But going back to the merits of - both groups of customers links that they need someone with experience and knowledge. A specialist who in the most sensitive time will allow them to take key decisions.

And SOTE, as I understand it, is not limited to pass on to them the finished tools with the message: "manage themselves", but also helps also to start shall ensure its functioning...

- To every customer we offer the standardly twelve-month technical assistance. Behind the small surcharge one can lengthen it for the following year. On this however our offer does not end. And here we come to SOTESHOP Exclusive. The service ties in with the more expanded and advanced help. Customers who will decide on this offer, gain the priority. With their shops I deal with personally. Customers can turn to me for advice, also from time to time I am in contact with them, to ask about the functioning of the store, to propose the improvement of the strategy, whether tools which use. It is necessary however to remember that even the greatest support will not guarantee the success, if the owner for the shop will not care, worked on him, put into its leading of the enthusiasm and the effort. And still one, though we advise to our customers for example, how to start best channels of distribution, how the fire we beware ingresses into their competences. In other words: I never would dare to dictate to the customer, how should lead its business, because though I have a large experience in the installation} of online store, I am not a seller. The border is here very thin and it is necessary to be careful, her not to exceed.

From where the idea to create such service?

- During the realization of following projects a lot we talked with customers. They were such which admitted that our proposals had turned out of key for their business that they had permitted to spread their wings them. Many were divided with us with his passion. We acknowledged that it is proper to offer to them something overstandard. Such service builds also the position of our company, because favours its from among other. It is important, all the more that the market the e-commerce is developed very dynamically.

Well just, how large is the market of internet shops in Poland?

- Many companies tried to count this, but it seems to me that each of these trials was burdened an error. Anyway it is very the difficult task, because the market is very variable: shops arise, transform, some fall. Surely I can say so much that the number of the licenses which we granted for a dozen or so years exceeded already 20 thousands.

What goods first of all do offer Polish Internet shops?

- Here there are no restrictions. Internet shops sell cars and sports equipment, watches, cosmetics and parts OF machines. We have customers who create images on the porcelain, but also companies from the fashion business. Especially this segment is lately as all get-out into the present e-commerce.

What knowledge must be mastered, to move with the internet shop?

- First, it is necessary to know what you want to sell. The idea is more important than any market investigation. In my opinion it is worth to rely on the own intuition and however pointlessly this sounds, believe in what you are doing. The second minimum requirement is… making of shopping through Internet. I always give advice to customers, so that before the foundation of the web store on your own skin convinced how this industry works that they tried the operation of certain mechanisms. Let them make an order, pay, collect the goods. Because it allows you to break the barrier, I fear that most of them have.

And what do these anxieties concern?

- Many future owners fear the technology. People often give themselves the question, whether the online store are the activity for me, whether I will manage with it, whether I by it will not be overgrown? Usually is so that when ask for e-commerce, hear the language full of strangely sounding abbreviations, terms, concepts. The language for them unfortunately hermetic. It depends to us, this fear to break, this area of life somewhat to accustom. To this is just serving the service SOTESHOP Exclusive, but not only. Not so long ago, together with the doctor Piotr Fliciński, linguist from the University of the name of Adam Mickiewicza we elaborated the dictionary which in the accessible way explains terms related to the e-commerce. It was on the network, appeared also in press.

I understand that it is not last projects which are supposed to accustom an e-commerce?

- For the time being I would not like to betray our plans… I can however provide that invariably depends to us on the simplicity - we want to customers to help, to teach them, to inform. We want to have gained skills and self-confidence intheir own force, but had also a feeling that they could count on us. In the business it is necessary to play fair and this rule always we will keep.

Talked Łukasz Stanisławski