Fast Cache, 0.068 second per webpage


The latest SOTESHOP 5.1.1 builds on over 6 months of shop optimization efforts. With each version update we try to minimize the view rate and enhance customer experience as much as possible.

17x faster with Fast Cache

For several months the system has been featuring Fast Cache, a SOTE proprietary solution. When designing the system we placed emphasis on minimizing the webpage generation rate, with no compromises. The results were beyond our wildest dreams.

Version Comparison

Script execution time charts

How does Fast Cache function?

When a customer browses a shop web page, the system automatically performs full optimization of the specific web page. Thus, the shop web page is viewed much faster in the future. Additionally, the system recognizes the most frequently viewed web pages and optimizes the system automatically. And all these tasks are done in real time.

Shop module optimization

Not every web page can be viewed in the Fast Cache mode. Therefore, at the same time we work on optimizing the entire system with the following techniques:

  • Code analysis and optimization
  • Adding various cache tiers for the system:
    • Symfony Cache
    • Functional Cache
    • Smarty Cache
    • PEAR Cache
  • Reducing the number of SQL queries
  • Optimizing SQL queries
  • Optimizing database model

Script execution time

This is the time required by a server to generate a web page to be sent to a customer's web browser. This parameter directly impacts the server workload and influences shop maintenance costs.

Elements influencing shop view rates

  • DNS web page location
  • Script execution times
  • Number of downloaded CSS files
  • Number of downloaded JS files
  • Number and format of images and other multimedia elements
  • Web page contents
  • Web page rendering time in a web browser
  • Web page repeated view time

SOTESHOP 5.1.1 features optimization systems on every tier mentioned above. The above-mentioned elements may be analyzed online with some useful tools available free of charge at