Logo – something more than just graphics


Logo says who we are. Imagine a situation where we need to convey information to a new person about our company, about ourselves. All we can do is to show it with a small image. It depends on this small picture how we will be remembered if anyone remembers us at all.

Logo doesn't have to say everything but it is important which associations it binds us with. What kind of feelings it brings.

Is the logo something accidental, graphic designer's caprice or something more? What does hide behind the biggest brands? Real logo is a story, those are ideas hidden in the sign. Real logo is associated with nature, art and life.

Magic of Apple's sign - based on numbers from the Fibonacci series.

Building the logo, we should draw inspiration from nature, from what surrounds us.

You can now find out how our logo is being associated with the world of mathematics and nature.

What I would like to encourage you to do is to pay more attention to the logo of the company / shop. It is the sign that will appear on each page, business card or advertisement. This is our signature. Let's take care of it and help it to fall into people's memory and to effectively build our brand.

Not everyone of us has to know how to build a logo. We can have someone to do it for us eg. graphics company, advertising agency, etc. But be careful, because not every company can do it properly and instead of logo you can be given a graphic designer's caprice.

Professional logo needs a vision, needs a look into the future. It's a big responsibility, so it is worth to let the best do it for you.

I encourage you to take look at the work of Krzysztof Iwanski, who works with our company: https://www.behance.net/ivvanski