– the military shop


We present - the greatest military shop in Poland. The shop many years affected to the software of the external company, however the team Sote undertook carriages of the entire base of products to SOTESHOP 7, creations of new, responsive of the graphics, and all that at the continuous maintenance of the process of sales in the store.

Old store
New shop on the basis of SOTESHOP 7


The shop offers the greatest choice of products (above 10 thousand) in the business. It represents and with the direct importer in Poland of such marks as - Alta, flashlights Inova, Rothco, Tru-the Dab, Maxpedition, Sabre and many other. On offer companies are found among other things air guns, accessories to the weapon, the military clothing , knives, haversacks, watches.

Great thanks for the owner and the team Sote for the commitment and the nice cooperation at the creation of the new image of the shop. We recommend the company for the professional approach on every stage of the work, deliberate attentions and the possibility of the constructive dialogue. The software of the shop is functional and rich and all the time developed, what is not picayune at the tempo of changes, which happen in this area of life. The company was recommended to us, and now we can recommend Sote most certainly that the choice will be accurate!