Money-off Vouchers - encourage clients to shop


SOTESHOP has now introduced - money-off vouchers. Take this opportunity for a new advertising campaign. Promote your shop, attract new customers and encourage clients already registered to return to your shop and make more purchases.

Money-off vouchers and your clients

Money-off vouchers may take the place of money and can be used by your clients to make purchases in your shop. A token may cover part or the whole cost of a purchase.

How to run an advertising campaign using money-off vouchers?

  1. activate the money-off vouchers in your shop,
  2. generate the money-off vouchers,
  3. print the money-off vouchers as business cards and hand them out to clients,
  4. send a money-off voucher to your clients together with their purchases,
  5. send a money-off voucher by email to your clients.