Multishop - 3 in 1


Multishop - 3 shops in price of one

If you want to run 2 or 3 shops, you don't have to duplicate all the data couple times. All you need is to enter the data into one shop and than with simple configuration create another shops. You manage all the shops using just one administrative panel.

Additional shops mean more effective positioning. Share the links between your shops, prepare specialist and brand shops. Everything works for your advantage and position in the search engines. For each shop / domain you can set the following options

  • Graphics - you can set seperate graphic themes for each domain.
  • Products - you can select which product is to be displayed in which shop.
  • Categories - you can use different categories in every shop.
  • Webpages - varius links in each shop (footer, header).
  • Mainpage - banners, categories, products, information boxes are individual for each shop.
  • Outgoing mail – you can set different mail account for different domains.

Order Multishop add-on< The extension also works in SOTESHOP Open.