PayPal Express


PayPal and SOTE joined their forces to offer the most convenient-to-use mobile system for rapid payment. Express check-out lets your customers to quickly pay for the selected product in just a few seconds. At the same time it also helps your customers to pay in a safe and comfortable mode. According to the studies - as many as 49% online shoppers don't finish their shopping because the paying process takes too long time and they are simply afraid of granting their payment card data.

PayPal is the most recognizable global provider of mobile payments, serving 18% of e-commerce payment throughout the world. Today you have the chance to join the PayPal and offer your products to 136 millions of customers in 193 countries and collect the payments in 26 currencies. What really distinguish PayPal is quickness of payment, payment safety and convenience.

download PayPal tutorial prepared for SOTE customers only.