Position your images


With image search, just as with web search, Google's goal is to provide the best and most relevant search results to our users. That's why it is important to position your images and take care of their great content, because it is an excellent way to build traffic to your site.

Here you have some of the best practices, which will increase the likelihood that your images will be returned in those search results.

  • Give your images detailed, informative filenames
  • Create great alt text. The alt attribute is used to describe the contents of an image file. It's important for several reasons:
    • It provides Google with useful information about the subject matter of the image. We use this information to help determine the best image to return for a user's query.
    • Many people-for example, users with visual impairments, or people using screen readers or who have low-bandwidth connections—may not be able to see images on web pages. Descriptive alt text provides these users with important information.
  • Provide good context for your image
  • Think about the best ways to protect your images
  • Create a great user experience

Get familiar with SOTESHOP 6 functionality.

You can find more info at Image publishing guidelines