Shopping for payment points


We've implemented the new feature - points system - that allows you to add an alternative payment method for shop's customers. Starting form now you can simultaneously sell the products in the shop in the traditional way and by using the payment points. You can also sell products purely and simply by using the payment points. Shop's customers will receive points for purchasing the specific products. Points can be counted up automatically (depending on the order's status) or manually by shop's administrator in each order edit. Administrator can also assign points to the selected customers.

Adding payment points to a product

Points system is designed so that it doesn't interfere with the traditional ordering way, which the customers are already accustomed to. Therefore, the decision which payment method to choose (currency / points), the customer makes in the cart. There is one exception - customer has to have payment points in the account in order to add products only for points to the cart. An interesting function is the activation threshold for points' system for customers. It allows you to define a limit of points amount that activates buying for payment point in the shop. This limit has to be reached by each customer only once. This way of collecting payment points prevents too rapid use of points and at the same time allows you to build a loyalty program.

Buying the products with payment points

New features are completely free for shops with active service support.