Sofortbanking - new payment


Another free of charge additional appication Sofortbanking has been just released and added to our WebStore

sofortbanking is fast, safe and simple process of direct transfer by Payment Network AG. Using sofortbanking online shoppers can order to transfer certain amount of money from their accounts directly to one of 22500 sellers accounts.

The three main adjectives that perfectly determine sofortbanking are:


Transaction fees starting at 0,75% - for national an international payments!

Faster payment, faster settlement, higher liquidity, 160 pre-built cart gateways, cooperations with leading PSPs

No junk orders, almost zero charge backs, TÜV certified data privacy.

Your benefits compared to...

payment in advanced
  • Faster payment
  • Faster settlement
  • No junk orders
  • Less administration costs
  • More last minute orders
direct debit (ELV)
  • Almost zero charge backs
  • Almost zero charge back costs
  • No ratings and solvency checks necessary
  • No revenue losses due to unnecessary ratings
  • Verified account data
  • Verified customer name
cash on delivery
  • Faster money settlement
  • Less returns
  • No C.O.D. fees for customers
No C.O.D. fees for customers
  • Much lower transaction fees
  • Better customer reach
    16 million private credit card owners as compared to 40 million online banking account in Germany alone
  • Better liquidity due to the faster money settlement
  • Online agreement: go live today!
  • Easy integration
  • 100% credit card free solution
  • No customer registration
  • No virtual account necessary
  • Highest security standards
  • Merchants can instantly go live!
similar systems
  • Bank independent: much higher bank coverage in Germany
  • Low transaction fees
  • International direct payment system available for customers in DE, AT, CH, NL, BE and UK (status: Nov. 2009)

Application can be downloaded free of charge at Sofortbanking