We’re pleased to announce that we released the newest version of our software – SOTESHOP 6.1.6. Check the list of changes that have appeared in our software since the release of SOTESHOP 6.1.5.

New theme “Longboard”

New graphics „Longboard” was added to WebStore.

Graphic theme has innovative main page, which has been expanded and equipped with mechanism that slides categories. This functionality allows you to present more of the promoted products for each category. Graphics ideally suited for shops selling beach clothes, sports and travel equipment, shoes, books, CDs & DVDs, toys.

Full installation packages

We released full installation packages, so you can install your new shop faster. Go to and install You shop!

and more:

  • Cropping images updated
  • Update of editing stockroom and filtering products
  • Update of rotating products on shop's main page
  • Update & optimization of calling a category link in horizontal categories
  • Fix of displaying of texts 'net' and 'gross' after changing text color in Segno theme
  • Information in shop's footer updated
  • Fix of displaying borders in products compare (Windows & Mac)
  • Update of administration panel presentation
  • Notice about Internet Explorer addded to administration panel
  • Update of displayed language in category tree
  • Update of eService payment addresses, hash parameter added
  • Updated of building search indexes for API
  • Information about product activity in Shopgate updated
  • Update of saving products and generating search tags
  • New free add-on Pinterest
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