We’re pleased to announce that we released the newest version of our software – SOTESHOP 6.2.0. Check the list of changes that have appeared in our software since the release of SOTESHOP 6.1.8.

Shopping for payment points

We've implemented the new feature - points system - that allows you to add an alternative payment method for shop's customers. Starting form now you can simultaneously sell the products in the shop in the traditional way and by using the payment points. You can also sell products purely and simply by using the payment points. Shop's customers will receive points for purchasing the specific products. Points can be counted up automatically (depending on the order's status) or manually by shop's administrator in each order edit. Administrator can also assign points to the selected customers.

New features are completely free for shops with active service support.

and more:

  • Discounts updated
  • Sorting, displaying & interface of discounts updated
  • Update of an older search engine, now compatible with the points system
  • Update of displaying the basket status
  • SOTESHOP news added to administrative panel
  • Update of language plugin
  • Update of displaying option in product card
  • Presentation of prices in the basket window was updated
  • Allegro orders were removed from the main orders list,Interface updated
  • Shop's copy in Google and G+ mechanisms were updated
  • Displaying of prices for products with options was fixed
  • Displaying of product name for foreign languages in basket was fixed
  • Update of stocks for auctions with products having additional options
  • Translation update in availability module
  • Christmas add-on updated
  • Sorting entries on the list
  • Update of short description in blog module
  • Update of displaying category images
  • Update of optimization engine
  • Rebranding: Lukas Raty => Credit Agricole Raty
  • Sofort's logo was changed
  • Added the ability to change the icon of extended list for 'coffeestore' graphic theme
  • Displaying of empty text bubble in images gallery was fixed
  • Update of redirecting the links that use the default parameter lang
  • Update of API's method UpdateOrderStatus
  • Sorting elements, support for points system, support for seller notes added to API
  • Update of customer data and availability in Shopgate
  • Update for Shopgate with foreign languages
  • Choose short or long description for export products to Shopgate
  • Update of calculating prices for products' options for Shopgate
  • Opineo app was updated
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