We’re pleased to announce that we released the newest version of our software – SOTESHOP 7.0.2. Check the list of changes that have appeared in our software since the release of SOTESHOP 7.0.1.

  • Menu list in administrative panel is updated
  • Name and surname are required when you choose a company as a client in a billing data and want to pay via eService
  • Improvement of displaying a category tree in responsive graphic theme
  • Update od displaying SOTESHOP's news in administration panel
  • Shop's search engine improved. Product names and codes gain greater priority
  • Rich snippets and structured data added to products and navi
  • AdWords conversion added to responsive graphics
  • Paczkomaty were added to responsive graphic theme
  • New design of icons in administration panel
  • Cumulative patch for RWD grpahic theme
  • Update of depository stock mechanism in shopping cart
  • Update of Allegro integration
  • Phone no. is now required when placing an order with delivery to pack points
  • Unification of displaying the messages 404 - Not Found
  • Cumulative patch: Googla Analytics in RWD graphics, scrolling banner, prices for products on the main page
  • Improvement of data migration from other softwares
  • Update of sorting the product options
  • Change of displaying the additional description in edit of product in panel
  • Fix for paczkomaty when phone no. is required in order's process
  • Privacy policy text is now removed from indexing in search engines
  • Required params for several aucion categories added
  • Update of displaying product images in the older graphic themes
  • Adding a name of option for a product with option selected in shopping cart
  • You can now add product tags via import / export feature
  • PointPack updated for responsive graphic theme
  • Improvement of highlighting the selected elements in upper bar's menu
  • Improvement of shop's optiomisation
  • Update of Google Shopping after Google shortened characters no. allowed in XML file
  • 0% tax only awarded for products
  • You can now search products by categories and manufacturers
  • Discounts improved
  • Update of category tree in administration panel
  • Improvement of discounts and wholesale prices
  • Improvement of paczkomaty in RWD graphics
  • Paczkomaty - update of displaying the pack points on a map
  • New add-on in WebStore: JS code in order's summary
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