We’re pleased to announce that we released the newest version of our software SOTESHOP 7.0.4. Check the list of changes that have appeared in our software since the release of SOTESHOP 7.0.3.

  • Update of PayPal payment for different language versions
  • Update of "other shipping information' mechanism in shopping cart
  • Update of determining the elements' equal heights for responsive graphic theme
  • Update of SOTESHOP's mobile version for the newest EU regulations
  • Improvement of the mechanisms of product options' templates
  • Installment payment will be now excluded if a discount code for an entire order is used
  • Update of Shopgate for PayU payment and 'Collect in person' shipping method
  • Update of default sorting on Allegro's auction list in administration panel
  • Update of displaying a product's description in add-on 'product promotion'
  • You can now enter a number of items above 'add to shopping cart' button
  • You can now manage the packages in administration panel
  • Update of products list in administration panel
  • Extending the ability to modify the product options
  • You can now choose which slide banner will appear in SOTESHOP's desktop or mobile graphics
  • Update of image's trimming mechanism
  • Update of loading data during SOTESHOP's installation process
  • Search engine in SOTESHOP expanded with product's additional description and manufacturer's code
  • Update of responsive grahic theme, changes in graphics mechanisms
  • Old price, net / gross price and discount info were added to the other list in responsive graphic theme
  • Update of categories images
  • Products short list updated in administration panel
  • Update of duplicating the products
  • Update of add-on 'Delivery Additional Info'
  • You can now search products by typing just a chunk of product code
  • New, full SOTESHOP's installation packages
  • Update of SMS add-on
  • Update of SofortBanking add-on for Responsive graphic theme
  • Update of integration with
  • Update of user status add-on
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