We’re pleased to announce that we released the newest version of our software SOTESHOP 7.0.9. Check the list of changes that have appeared in our software since the release of SOTESHOP 7.0.8.

  • New, full SOTESHOP's installation packages containging the newest graphic theme Argento RWD
  • New import of product options
  • Optimization of loading objects
  • Fix for reloading a current page when selecting a different language version
  • Update of displaying shop's footer in the default graphic themes
  • Disabling weekends from delivery schedule updated
  • Update of depository stock mechanism for Allegro's wholesale auctions
  • FastCache mechanism updated
  • Trusted Shops - removing the link to rate a shop from e-mail with order confirmation
  • Update of product filters
  • Wholesale prices and currencies were updated
  • Update of displaying the product's basic price
  • Update of displaying the prices in the different currencies in product groups
  • Update of Facebook add-on for SOTESHOP's older versions
  • Method GetProductImageList returns an information about product image as base64
  • Products collections added to responsive graphics
  • Small graphic improvements of shopping cart
  • Update for reloading a current page when selecting a different language
  • Update of import / export mechanism
  • Update of the horizontal categories
  • Disabling InPost, Paczkomaty deliveries from Allegro's shipment list
  • Credit Agricole payment added to responsive graphic theme
  • Points payment added to API mechanism
  • Update of validating a product's depository stock while confirming an order
  • Update of category tree in Argento RWD
  • Update of coupon codes
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