We’re pleased to announce that we released the newest version of our software SOTESHOP 7.1. Check the list of changes that have appeared in our software in May.

  • Expanded functionality of reviews
  • SOTESHOP is fully compatible with PHP 5.5.x. Check the techincal requirements
  • New, full SOTESHOP's installation packages containing the newest graphic theme Argento RWD
  • Verifying the system after upgrading a store
  • Improvement of cache optiomization
  • Freebies in a shopping cart and dynamic search added to responsive graphics - ArgetnoRWD i Responsive
  • Labels of product groups added to responsive graphics - ArgetnoRWD i Responsive
  • Improvement of switching on and off the product options inventory
  • Fix for adding new graphics ArgetnoRWD after update
  • Shopping cart added to short list in responsive graphics - ArgetnoRWD i Responsive
  • Page pagination added to to responsive graphic theme
  • Update of point system
  • Credit Agricole - update of product price value
  • Unnecessary related links removed
  • Update of displaying the category trees in ArgetnoRWD graphic theme
  • Remarketing Google Adwords - dynamic marketing added
  • Remarketing Google Adwords - product's parameters are now being forwarded from product card
  • Blog's title is again being displayed
  • Improvement for placing an order via Safari in responsive graphics - ArgetnoRWD i Responsive
  • Updating the flag of Slovakia
  • Improvement of displaying many freebies in shopping cart in responsive graphics - ArgetnoRWD i Responsive
  • mprovement for displaying product options in Firefox (arrow down) and added minor fixes of graphic edit
  • Improvement of adding option name in options template
  • Unit of measure added to recommended products list
  • Improvement of truncating a customer name in orders gadget
  • Update of mechanism displaying the products collections
  • Problems with jQuery library are eliminated when addons YouTube & products banners are enabled
  • Additional delivery data is now displayed in Fragrance graphics
  • Update of displaying tabs in Skapiec price comparer in the module in administration panel
  • Import / export mechanism of product options was updated
  • Freebies translation added to shopping cart in responsive graphics - ArgetnoRWD i Responsive
  • Fix for displaying Tax module in administration panel
  • Update of integration with iFirma - improvement of error messages while generating the invoices
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