We’re pleased to announce that we released the newest version of our software SOTESHOP 7.2. Check the list of changes that have appeared in our software in the recent time.

Lista of changes

  1. New Allegro module.
  2. SOTESHOP's new installation packages - update of installers for servers with PHP 5.5.x.
  3. New design of SOTESHOP's e-mails.
  4. Update of mechanism hiding the products with manually set availability.
  5. Update of search engine in shop.
  6. Change of search mechanism for words with polish characters.
  7. Update of enabling / disabling optimisation in shop.
  8. Import of image of a product's color option was improved.
  9. Update of displaying metatags when keywords field is empty.
  10. New feature 'Show products from subcategories'.
  11. Improvment of displaying number of dimensions in shipping methods via Paczkomaty.
  12. Update of PayU link in administration panel & chage of PayU logo in older themes.
  13. Sale for verified customers - update of addon.
  14. Update of displaying the product collections.
  15. New widget 'help' in your administration panel.
  16. Different jQuery for backend and frontend.
  17. Warning notices are now removed from developer mode when adding a new user.
  18. Update of changing resolution of description's elements while scaling browser window.
  19. Update of displaying link groups in a shop's footer.
  20. Update of mechanism hiding the products with specific availability.
  21. Change of Credit Agricole logo size in responsive graphic themes – ArgetnoRWD & Responsive.
  22. Update of selecting product options in responsive graphics – ArgetnoRWD & Responsive.
  23. Update of displaying 'add to cart' button in responsive graphics – ArgetnoRWD & Responsive.
  24. 'nofollow' added to shopping cart links.
  25. Improvement of inquiries.
  26. Update of mechanism hiding the products with manually set availability.
  27. Update of entering an order via 'Orders' widget in administration panel.
  28. Change of mechanism selecting banks in PayByNet payment.
  29. Option "Enable payment via card" added to PayByNet payment.
  30. Change of font size (12 px) in text editor in administration panel.
  31. Shipping method name added to invoices.
  32. Update of compatibility with older modifications of categories.
  33. Update of translations for english language version.
  34. Update of the default delivery date.
  35. Update of mail with order info.
  36. Optimization of loading the categories on product list in administration panel.
  37. New video images in 'help' widget in administration panel.
  38. Update of exporting the products from SOTESHOP to Shopgate.
  39. Update of the add-on - sale for verified customers.
  40. You can now use more characters in newsletter content.
  41. Optimization of product code & name queries and update of selecting the manufacturer on product list in shop.
  42. Unnecessary notices removed from developer mode.
  43. Update of saving the product options via WebAPI.
  44. Update of saving the cache logs.
  45. Update of converting a price modifier of a product option.
  46. Clearing cache added after files synchronizing process and after Symfony cache clearing.
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