We have prepared a new version of SOTESHOP 7.2.6. Check the list of changes that have appeared recently.

List of changes

  1. Update Allegro
    • New template for Allegro,
    • Adding support for easyPack InPost for imported orders,
    • Adding configuration of the photo Allegro,
  2. Adding of the application the Design of regulations of the shops.
  3. Improvements to adding photos to the on-line store,
    • Unification of adding images for products, categories, manufacturers and banners
    • The addition of framing images for banners
    • The transfer of the configuration of the size of the banner configuration images.
    • Adding of framing of photos for categories shown in the central column in the theme responsive
    • Adding of the automatic change of the size of photos after the change of the shrewd graphic theme
  4. The yearly edition of theChristmas add-ons.
    • Adding new banners,
    • Snow in themes responsive
  5. The updating of the filtration of the list easyPack after the choice the country or the inscription of the zip code.
  6. The updating of generating of the label.
  7. The updating of regulations.
  8. Graphic changes in themes RWD.
  9. The improvement of the operation of the mechanism free of charges.
  10. The query optimization for filters of attributes.
  11. The development of the application Klikochron.
  12. The improvement of the communication with the system InPost.
  13. Possible addition of the disconnection of the card of the product during the hiding of products with the given availability.
  14. Possible adding the application of the same code for several options of the product.
  15. The increase of the page width in the process of the order.
  16. Improvement of the projection of the text about the minimum-size during the addition of the photo in the panel.
  17. Improvement of the filtration of customers in the panel after the field verified.
  18. The updating of charging of the discount custom with prices in the currency.
  19. The carriage of the mechanism of products from the date to the edition ranges of products „Novelties”.
  20. The correction of redirecting https for shops behind the proxy server.
  21. The updating of the mechanism of the category in the panel during the work on attributes.
  22. The updating of the application Facebook

    html> for customers using SSL.

  23. Adding of the frame {frames} to files and on-line codes in the administrative panel.
  24. The updating of deliveries and dimensions, adding of groups of deliveries.
  25. The updating of the process of the order.