We prepared the new version of SOTESHOP 7.2.7. Check the list of changes, which appeared lately.

List of changes

  1. The new shrewd pattern for Allegro.
  2. The updating of mechanisms Trusted Shops.
  3. The extension of the application the design of regulations of the shops for the privacy policy and the withdrawal from the contract.
  4. The updating of the payment eCard.
  5. The updating of mechanisms importing the order from Allegro.
  6. Photos of products have a switched off shrewd trimming for Allegro
  7. The improvement of the import of orders from Allegro.
  8. The updating of the mechanism of the addition of attachments to the product.
  9. The correction removes the imposition of the limit for producers after the click into categories.
  10. The updating of the record of the configuration banners in the shop.
  11. The data updating initial in the shop for lingual versions.
  12. Options put in from the pattern have an included warehouse-state.
  13. Adding of the possibility of the default setting parcel lokers from the level of the administrative panel.
  14. The change of the look of the additional description shown in themes adapting itself
  15. The correction of the search for Windows Phone 8.1.
  16. The improvement of the mechanism of the operation of the option of the product with the apostrophe.
  17. The correction of the mechanism of the button „See the product in the shop” at the edition of the product in the administrative panel.