Today, we released SOTESHOP's newest version 7.4.2. We've introduced 56 enhancements, updates and new functionalities since the previous version 7.4.1. We encourage everyone to update your stores. Check the list of changes that have appeared recently.

Integration with Criteo

Criteo deals with the promotion of the store's offer on the internet. Typically, this is done by advertising in the form of banners with store products. The application integrates the shop with Criteo platform using CrieoOne Tag tags, which are directly attached to the source code on the store's website.

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List of changes

  1. Optimization of selecting the product option values,
  2. Deleting the unnecessary internal links for search engines,
  3. We've updated displaying of user menu in a store,
  4. Updating the OpenPayU SDK library for integration with PayU payment,
  5. We've improved the selection of Poczta Polska post office in the administration panel,
  6. We've removed a shop's links detected by Google Search Console as incorrect,
  7. You can now display a category on the main page regardless of its nesting in the category tree,
  8. New mode of passing product codes in Google AdWords Remarketing,
  9. Correction of downloading product images in order order's preview and edit in the administration panel,
  10. WebAPI – improvement for GetOrderProductList. Extension of information about product options in an order.,
  11. Import of a product option through a spreadsheet file was corrected,
  12. We added "Allow only in selected products" field in shipping method edition. This allows you to define deliveries for the specific products,
  13. Improvement of displaying the product option images in an order,
  14. We've added the mechanism for checking / restoring indexes of database tables during the update. You can be sure that your store is properly optimized.,
  15. Switching the language versions in the store was updated. 12 languages in the software standard and you can add more,
  16. Shop's updated mechanism was improved,
  17. You can now change the color of "Text on the main page" field in the graphics configuration for Airsports graphic theme,
  18. Missing translation for “VAT UE number” is added,
  19. Spacing corrections in the shopping cart in responsive graphics for small devices,
  20. Unification of alert colors in responsive graphics,
  21. Improvement shopping cart quantity field in responsive graphics,
  22. We've improved the visibility of the product option select button in responsive graphics,
  23. We've changed the appearance of product list in discount group tab in user's account,
  24. Poczta Polska – a slight correction of rounding amounts and masses,
  25. Poczta Polska – fix for disabling the module,
  26. Improvement of displaying net and gross prices in products collection.,
  27. We added EAN code to Allegro auctions,
  28. We fixed the formatting of order amount in all currencies for PayU payment,
  29. Update of attribute filtering in the store,
  30. Improvement of sorting the search results,
  31. Allegro – new descriptions are enabled by default for the new stores,
  32. Allegro templates were hidden in the administration panel,
  33. Improvement for scrolling after clicking the "save" button in Allegro auctions,
  34. Improvement for generating XML file to price comparison engines when SSL mode is on,
  35. Improvement of the data entry mechanism for positioning in the administration panel,
  36. Update of login mechanisms to the administration panel,
  37. Symfony update,
  38. We've fixed the problem with adding products with options to the cart,
  39. You can now change the header backgroud in the category tree in Airsports graphic theme,
  40. You can now change the background color of the information box header / product groups in Airsports graphic theme,
  41. PayByNet – fix for displaying a list of banks in graphics based on older default2 graphic theme,
  42. PayByNet – fix for passing the bank's correct ID number,
  43. PayByNet – fix for automatic payment,
  44. Fix for checking a shop's domain on some servers,
  45. Change of FastCache default settings,
  46. We've improved the appearance of product list in responsive graphics,
  47. We've changed the appearance of an inactive "Add to basket" button in responsive graphics,
  48. We've improved products search mechanism in the store,
  49. We've changed the customers data coding mechanism in the databasa,
  50. You have now extended possibilities of category moditications,
  51. Correction of the appearance of product option on the product card in responsive graphics,
  52. Correction of displaying long product names in the shopping cart preview in responsive graphics,
  53. Allegro – we've added many new shipping methods,
  54. We've removed some words from the ignore list in the store's search engine,
  55. Improvement for setting the category height on the store's main page,