We released SOTESHOP's newest version 7.4.9. We've introduced 21 enhancements, updates and new functionalities since the previous version. We encourage everyone to update your stores. Check the list of changes that have appeared recently.


The app enables integration with the "Trusted Reviews" in Opineo. The integration includes automatic reporting of email addresses of customers who placed an order in your store and allows you to add a widget informing about reviews about the store. See more

List of changes

  1. Amendment of shopping cart mechanisms after customer's log-in - update of the mechanism converting the products price in a cart for wholesale customers,
  2. Resolved problem of logged customer with incomplete order data,
  3. PayPal Express - product's additional cost is now corrertly summed up,
  4. Unnecessary links with structure /webpage/ajax/XXXX were eliminated,
  5. Correction of order's display in user's panel,
  6. Verification of product's code for duplicationg the products was repaired.,
  7. Update of home icon in ArgentoRWD graphic theme,
  8. Option "Assign the products" is now hidden if discount type "for an order" is selected,
  9. Category tree functionality is extended for several individual modifications,
  10. Poczt Polska update: deleting the parcel sets was repaired,
  11. The amendment to the mechanism of permitting and excluding deliveries in the cart due to connection between product <=> delivery,
  12. New option "Highest discount" added to coupon codes configuration,
  13. New option high-quality image generator added,
  14. Update mechanism improvement,
  15. You can now define a title for product attributes in import / export file,
  16. Recent reviews add-on improved,
  17. Update of cache mechanism for category tree,
  18. Update of verifying the coupon code for product with options,
  19. Update of Airsports graphics configuration,
  20. Update of images configuration.

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