SOTESHOP for Android


SOTESHOP application for android system is dedicated to mobile phones (optimized version for tablets will be released in the next update) that are equipped with the Android operating system from the version 2.1. This application allows you to monitor sales in the shop and view the bases of customers, payments and products.

The application also allows you to change a status of each order so you can manage the orders whenever you have your smartphone with you. You can contact with every registered customer via mail or phone, directly from the application, without having to add them to your contact book. So you can respond rapidly to each new order in the shop and this will increase your customers satisfaction. It will prevent the situation in which the private contacts will be mixed with the shop's customers contacts. Search engine helps to quickly find the needed information - order, customer, payment or product. Think how easier it would be for you to manage the shop with this app in your pocket.

Notification system will notify an administrator about a new order or new customer. App also has widget that allows you to constantly check the customers' activity in the shop.