Tag cloud


We've added another add-on for SOTESHOP to our WebStore.

This add-on allows you to create the tag cloud at your online shop by using the products' additional keywords. The most frequently repeated tags are highlighted and each of them is a clickthrough link to the product group associated with him, which gives positive effect to the positioning of your shop.

Additional information:

  • Product tags are added in the edit of each product (additional field in the group 'Description')
  • You can also manage the tags directly in the application "Product Tags" (tab "Configuration -> Additional applications")
  • Each tag has its language version, which means that english tags will not be displayed for example in German language version of your shop
  • While adding product tags, you can either add a new tag or select one of existing tags.
  • Module is disabled by default after installation, you have to enable it in the application's configuration.

You can check how does the add-on look and work at demo.soteshop.com