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A secure store is not only a good program and secure data storage, but also a good terms and conditions and store privacy policy.

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a cooperation with the law office of Arkadiusz Jaskuła from Poznań. The aim of our cooperation is to provide our customers with solutions adapted to the changing law, in particular in the e-commerce industry.

In addition, we have prepared ready-made packages with terms and conditions and privacy policy adapted to our software and compliant with current law.

Well-written terms and conditions allow for safe business operations, but also clearly present the purchase rules to the store's customers.

If you have an outdated terms and conditions in your store or you are using a "ready-made" downloaded from the internet, don't risk it, take advantage of the professional offer.

Order a professional terms and conditions for your online store

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Law Office of Arkadiusz Jaskuła has been successfully providing services to clients conducting business activities for over a decade. The services offered relate to all forms of the company's "external activity" (representation of clients in negotiations, preparation of contract documentation, protection of interests in court and administrative proceedings) as well as to the "internal dimension" (preparation of draft resolutions, regulations, creation and management of corporate documentation).

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Shop Regulations - English Version

New service. English version of the regulations. When selling outside of Poland, remember to add the current store regulations and privacy policy in English. When adding the regulations and privacy policy in English, we should have a sworn translation. Additionally, remember to update the documents in case of changes in the law, not only in the Polish version, but also in the translations.

VAT changes from July 1, 2021. Store update.

We have released an update regarding the calculation of VAT for transactions within the European Union. This is related to the legal changes that came into effect on July 1, 2021. The update enables the calculation of VAT in international transactions in accordance with the new regulations. The main change is that customers from the EU make purchases with the VAT rate applicable in their country. Previously, the VAT rate was calculated according to the seller's country.

Online Store Regulations. EU VAT Update.

A safe shop is not only a program, but also a good and up-to-date shop regulation. Therefore, we have prepared an update of the shop regulation package for our customers, adapting it to the new EU VAT rates for consumers. The regulation is prepared in cooperation with the law office of Arkadiusz Jaskuła from Poznań. Translations of the regulation are carried out as a sworn translation.