The Mountaineer shop


The possibility of the hire of the equipment, the quick order handling, the first exchange of the product for free and the special graphics is grandnesses of the new internet shop the Mountaineer. The shop bases on the software SOTESHOP 7, and his exclusive version was elaborated by our team.


The shop the mountainous"the Mountaineer" offers above 2 thousands of products for madcaps outdoor'u. On offer dominated by well-knows brands, however one can also find particularly successful models that are especially good, in spite of the lack of the prestigious logo.

Finally several words from „the Mountaineer” on the shop and impressions from the cooperation with SOTE::

The mountaineer is functioning from above 10 years the clothing store, with the equipment and the footwear for enthusiasts of the tourism, the mountaineering and the mountain-climbing how and all liking actively to while away the time.

Favours us the exceptional quality of the customer care and unusually advantageous terms of the transaction therefore depended to us, so that the look and the functionality of the new side be following elements shifting themselves on the highest comfort of shopping.

Due to the use of several years from the software SOTE we were convinced to values of this platform, but we decided on the version Exclusive to obtain the best effect. As far as in phase conceptional we could use from the multidimensional look on the new project and the exceptional expert knowledge, during the implementation of specific solutions we experienced the unusually professional operation of the entire team.

After initiating it turned out that the improvement of parameters of the movement and first of all the conversion had decidedly confirmed the rightness of this decision. From our experiences clearly it results that SOTE Exclusive is a perfect choice.