Update of Regulations (ODR)


We have prepared a new version of the regulations of the on-line store. In addition to the changes in the rules relating to extrajudicial disputes (ODR), we have added an additional the design of privacy policy and text pages of withdrawal from the contract, together with a example-form.

The new duty concerning non-judicial dispute resolution.

From 9 January 2016 all on-line stores are obliged to inform customers about the possibility of resolving dispute electronically via the platform ODR (online dispute resolution http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/).

Therefore, the seller should as soon as possible to update the rules of your on-line store and add the appropriate points on the above information. If you run a sale via the Allegro service, the changes must also be made in the "About Me" in the regulations of the seller Allegro.

What is ODR platform?

The ODR platform supports the resolution of disputes, including international relations in the consumer - entrepreneur. First of all, the platform is easier for consumers to assert their rights. The aim of the ODR platform is also reducing costly and time-consuming litigation.