WebStore - make money with us!


WebStore is opened for your graphic themes. Anyone who creates unique, beautiful and attractive graphics can now start making money by selling them in our WebStore.

Here are couple rules to help you develop a good theme to WebStore:

  1. Theme MUST be nice and clean.
  2. Changes should involve ONLY appearance / presentation. Don't change any specific functionality such as categories, search engine etc.
  3. New design should apply to:
    • main page
    • products list
    • coloring
  4. Do not change: product card, shopping cart and checkout process as well as other pages such as customers login page.
  5. Every graphic theme sent for approval has to be presented as demo in Interent.
    Data in a demo can't be random. The idea is to present a graphic theme as if you wanted to show it to a client, so a graphics must have exemplary products, nice banners and everything should be matched.

Check out the tool to evolutionary copy graphic themes and case study about creating new graphics.

You can count on SOTE help when creating new graphic themes to WebStore. Here is the procedure to add new graphics to WebStore:

  1. Send a prepared project (JPG file) to for verification.
  2. Theme is verified for compliance with the program and its functions. We try to advise how to create a theme where all the elements work together. Thank to this the changes can be applied in early project step and it will save some time.
  3. After receiving a message about the project being verified, it's time to prepare the graphics.
  4. When a grpahic theme is ready, download it to your disk.
  5. Go to upload your file.
  6. Send the built package for final verification to office@sote.pl

If everything is alright we'll add your theme to WebStore and you'll get the chance to earn on it!

You will gain 50% on each sold copy!

Additionally, if you have an interesting project and you don't want to wait until someone buys it, we can buy it from you (the terms are defined individually). You can show us your project as JPG / Photoshop file as well as finished package.