iShop - graphic theme

New graphic theme iShop designed by Projekt WWW has appeared in WebStore. This is a very nice-looking theme, professional and in a very good price: €47.38. Many companies would value such project for hundreds euros, so it's worth to check it out and use the opportunity.


Special equipment designed for making videos and much more. A very accurate match between shop and YouTube presentations. I encourage to check: Buddy Pet Store

Another interesting shop based on our software - this time in german language version. It has an interesting layout of the home page and nice colors. Product lists, fonts, images layouts are also noteworthy. I encourage you to see the products descriptions which are prepared very profesionally.

Multishop - 3 in 1

Multishop - 3 shops in price of one. If you want to run 2 or 3 shops, you don't have to duplicate all the data couple times. All you need is to enter the data into one shop and than with simple configuration create another shops. You manage all the shops using just one administrative panel. Additional

Present manufacturers on banners

WebStore has been enriched with the manufacturers' banners add-on. It allows to present the selected manufacturers on the banners and at the page with the alphabetical list of manufacturers. Add-on also extends the standard manufacturers' module by adding import / export option to it. See

New graphic theme "Clothes"

We've added the new graphic theme "Clothes" to WebStore.

Promote the products on lists

We have just added new add-on to our WebStore: Product promotion It allows you to highlight the selected products on the lists. Mode Single product with short description - randomly selects one product to be highlighted. In case there're more products to be promoted, it's much better to use the mode

WebStore - make money with us!

WebStore is opened for your graphic themes. Anyone who creates unique, beautiful and attractive graphics can now start making money by selling them in our WebStore. Here are couple rules to help you develop a good theme to WebStore: Theme MUST be nice and clean. Changes should involve ONLY

Develop your shop with Sugester

We've added another add-on for SOTESHOP. This time it's the integration with Sugester. The service helps to improve products and web applications. It's a small tab with which users can send information to a shop's owner. Its simplicity makes it easy to communicate between administrators and shop's

Promote your shop with Google Plus

Couple weeks ago Google changed the look of +1 buttons. SOTESHOP users using Google Plus don't have to take any actions, change will happend automatically in their shops. Because of this small change we have decided to add the possibility to present their Google+ site at a shop. Because of this

Printing a product card - PDF & QR codes

Application "Print PDF" has been designed in order to get the perfect print of product card. It allows your customers to download product card in PDF format, which provides an ideal print reflection. It has to be mentioned that all of modern browsers support automatically opening of PDF documents,

Kosmetyki z Ameryki (Cosmetics from America)

We'd like to present the new, individual graphic theme implemented to the shop based on SOTESHOP software: Kosmetyki z Ameryki. New graphics is distinguished by aesthetic approach to shop's look, easy and fast access to the promoted products as well as perfect chosen colors palette. We encourage to