We open this week with a presentation of the new shop based on SOTESHOP software: Bludot. Unique, carefully selected products, combined with personalized graphics encourage you to visit.

Well-looking shop - Fortis Polster

It's worth to stand out from the crowd and be seen. So we're very pleased to introduce the latest implementation of graphics for the shop Fortis Polster.

Simplified search

We have just added to our WebStore the new application simplified search, which extends functionality of the search engine. Simplified search changes the default functionality of the search engine in the shop. Using this addon your clients won't have to know what is exact product name. They just

Create your poll with Polldaddy

We have just added the new addon that allows you to present your poll in SOTESHOP. Polldaddy service is a simple way to create and administrate polls. It has much more advantages, for example it's universal - the poll can be added in many places (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc). The whole field

Wibiya Web Toolbar

Integration with Wibiya provides powerful solution that enables your shop to quickly and easily integrate the most popular and exciting web applications – games, Facebook and Twitter buttons, live chat, video & image galleries, and more – directly into your site. Wibiya also gives publishers

Login to a store with a Facebook account

Become our fan on Facebook and benefit from special promotions. The first is 40% discount for purchasing a professional and full integration with Facebook. You can be sure, there will be more promotions and surprises. We just released the latest version of Facebook integration, which allows your

"Black Art" - dark side of the force

We have just added the new, free graphic theme "BlackArt", which is available for all SOTESHOPS ver. 5.What marks out this new graphic is that all elements of the background, all buttons etc. are black, so it is great base to achieve your shop's look in the perfect dark colors.

New easy installer & Soteshop 5.2.3

I'd like to announce that we prepared new version of SOTESHOP installers. Our goal was to make it as easy as possibile. Main changes: You don't have to register for license. All you need to download and install. Dynamic self unpack system. We created 2 different versions for customers & administrators.

Sale for verified customers

New addon appeared in our webstore. It allows you to disable the sale in the shop for customers who are not verified by store's administrator. This allows the seller to control exactly who can buy inventory in his shop.

Footprint Live Analytics - integration

Integrate your shop with Footprint and gain functions, which Google Analytics does not provide: Real-time website traffic Individual visitor clickpaths Visitor profiles; search term, referrer Complete visitor profiles include city, country, company, IP address, first & last visit. And lots

Add favicon to your online store

Using Favicon application is a simple way to add favicon to your shop. The icon will improve brand identity for your site and allow to stand out. You can simply create your image with

Integration with phpBB

Yesterday we released a new application phpBB - integration in WebStore. Now, thanks to the new functionality you can integrate your shop with phpBB and participate in customers' discussions. Functionality allows you to display recent topics / posts from your board directly to the shop, so you can