LiveChat - help your customers with their shoppings

Integrate your shop with LiveChat and help your customers with their shoppings. What is LiveChat?Powerful live chat software that helps you talk to your website visitors and convert them into customers and increase your profit. Integration with LiveChat software as well as its servicing is incredibly

Sell eBooks and online files

We have prepared a new add-on to SOTESHOP that extends software's capabilities: eBooks & online files What can you sell thanks to this application: eBooks - books in PDF format or other Music cds as mp3 Different files: PDF, ZIP, RAR, images, etc. Sell multiple files as one product

Increase a product card attractiveness with YouTube

Today we released a new application YouTube in WebStore. Now, thanks to the new functionality you can not only provide a description to each product but also you can present each product in practice due to the attached videos. YouTube application allows you to attach to each product up to three links

Professional graphic theme for only $ 86.59

To open an online shop is not enough to purchase a software but it's also needed to prepare a professional grafic theme. This is an extremally important element, because a good-looking theme makes your customers prefer to buy products in your shop and better evaluate your offer. These are largely

Change OSCommerce to SOTESHOP

We released a free application that imports data from OSCommerce programs and from other programs based on this platform, eg OSCGold. Data import is done automatically when you enter data to your database and give your shop's URL address. Thanks to this application you can quickly start selling

Login with your Google account

We released a free update that allows to login with Google account. Customers shopping at your shop don't have to setup a new account, they can simply login with their Google accounts.

Shopping cart - optimization of user's interface

In a recent update we released shopping cart's patch. Although changes weren't large, they're very important, because they contain changes of optimization for user's interface, such as: organize and unify the forms, possibility to enable / disable of products recommended in the shopping cart,

Liven up your website with the new banners

SOTESHOP offers a carefully considered and well-constructed product presentation system as standard. Even so, clients ordering the introduction of individual graphic designs expected something more - an element on the page to draw in potential clients, to focus their attention on a selected group of

New Graphic Design: ”Books”

“Books” – a new graphics theme is now available in WebStore.

Wordpress + SOTESHOP

SOTESHOP online shop is now integrated WordPress (integration is free of charge). Now you can show news from the blog directly at your shop's site. WordPress is the world's most popular CMS / Blog, being used by Yahoo, CNN, Wired and hundreds of thousands of other sites. Our blog is also based on WordPress.

Facebook + SOTESHOP

We have introduced a new function: SOTESHOP + Facebook integration. Just visit the site "Facebook integration", download the extention and install it in your shop. You can check how this module works by visiting We encourage you to test it and "like" our page.

Filter options – product search made easy

From today customers of SOTESHOP stores will be able to access the new easy-to-use - filter options feature which will make the search for products much faster.. It is now possible to create filter options which will be added to the options templates or specific products with options. Types