Payeezy payment

We released an update of Polcard payment method, which changes its name to Payeezy. An update beyond the payment's rebranding, adapts SOTESHOP to the payment's new API and implements a mechanism sending automatic information to a shop about a settlement for an order.

How to prepare a product's description

Products are the most important elements of your online shop. You should ensure that the information about products are well prepared and easy to read. Product's information contains image, description, price, as well as attributes and product options.

Product's sale raports

We released an update of "product's sale raports" feature, which allows you to check the amount and value of products sold in the given period.

Payment update

We released an update of Dotpay payment method, which adapts SOTESHOP to the payment's new API. Therefore, you have to update your shop to the latest version and some of you using and old, 5-digit ID will have to change it to a new, 6-digit ID.

Dictionary on start

Once to pass the way from the journeyman to master took years. Today, to equal the competition, must be quickly to recognize basic mechanisms of the industry. In jumping of this barrier can help systematized, transferred in the accessible way the knowledge – stressed Dr Piotr Fliciński, the linguist

Updating of the payment Przelewy24

Appeared the updating of the payment Transfers. Customers of shops SOTESHOP will be able to use from the latest version of the integration with the system Przelewy24. The update reduces the time of payment for the customer and improves the confirmation on-line payment for the administrator.

Biologica Exclusive

Introducing today a shop Biologica made within the Exclusive SOTESHOP for BioEvolution. This is the shop directed toward both to individual customers (B2C) and business (B2B). This is what makes this project is a beautiful graphics, not only store, but above all products.

Fair play in the virtual world

We not only sell our product, but we also offer customers support when they starting and driving store. To this is just supposed to serve our unique service called SOTESHOP Exclusive -- underlines Marek Jakubowicz, co-owner of the Poznan’s company SOTE

New content editor

We've released an update editor of content. Implemented was the latest version of the TinyMCE editor, so you can more efficiently manage the content store. An editor has gained a new interface, it works faster and easier to read. It is automatically runs in the Visual mode, and many functions are more

Updating of the payment PayU

There appeared the updating of the payment PayU. Across this updating customers of shops SOTESHOP will be able to pay across this system in different currencies. The updating changes the way of the communication with payments, therefore the change of the type of the Payu account is necessary.


We prepared the new version of SOTESHOP 7.2.7. Check the list of changes, which appeared lately: The new shrewd pattern for Allegro, the updating of mechanisms Trusted Shops, the updating of the mechanism of the addition of attachments to the product and more.

Update of Regulations (ODR)

We have prepared a new version of the regulations of the on-line store. In addition to the changes in the rules relating to extrajudicial disputes (ODR), we have added an additional the design of privacy policy and text pages of withdrawal from the contract, together with a example-form.