YouTube 150 000

We are pleased to announce that our channel on YouTube is getting more and more popular. Thanks to you we've get to the next level - 150 000 video views. This result encourages us to work even harder on the new videos that will not only be attractive, but also will be very helpful for you.


We’re pleased to announce that we released the newest version of our software – SOTESHOP 6.1.5, and with it: package of 5 graphic themes, accessories order, a darker shade of black, new, full installation packages, and many, many more.

Accessories order

Set an order of product's accessories as you wish! You can now manage a product's accessories with the newest update. With the new feature you can increase the importance of products in the set. By setting the order from the most needed products, you suggest your clients what is worth to buy with

New theme “Surfing”

Summer is in full swing and we offer you the new graphic theme whose sunny colors, waving product list, large and clear images, hidden unnecessary information will emphasize the uniqueness of the products in your store in these hot days. Graphics ideally suited for shops selling beach accessories,

Better quality of images

Sell more with better quality images! Products are the most important component of every shop and the best way to highlight the products quality is to show them with high-quality images. Product with a better image is seen as a better product. We've released an update that improves images quality,

Accelerating SOTESHOP

Every month we release the new functionality and improvements. While we're developing our software, we also work on system optimization. That's why SOTESHOP's new versions bring you new features and become faster and faster. SOTESHOP uses advanced systems to optimize data, code, caching pages and

Facebook & YouTube & Twitter

E-mail newsletters have became less and less effective. We receive too many e-mails everyday so we can't focus the proper attention on them. Social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the modern form of reaching out to customers. Lately we've achieved a "magic" number of 1000

New theme "Toys"

New graphics „Toys” was added to WebStore. It's unique graphic theme because it's been designed to shopping with kids. Kids know best what kind of toys they like and that's why parents often shop with them. Vivid colors, large and clear images, hidden unnecessary information. Everything to

Security with Trusted Shops

SOTESHOP software was certified by Trusted Shops. You can sell safely with SOTESHOP in Poland, German and France. Using SOTESHOP 6.1 you can easily activate Trusted Shops functions in your shop. Trustmark – more trust, more sales 
More than 60% of online consumers rely on trustmarks. Make use

Google Custom Search

Create your Google Search based on your shop's site and enter the code in SOTESHOP. Install free application in your shop. Let your customers to search the products using the most powerfull searching tool in the network.

New graphic themes

Today's update adds two new graphic themes to the standard store: CoffeeStore Segno We've used graphics' evolutionary copying tool to develop the new themes. Although both CoffeStore and Segno were created basing on the other standard themes (respectively Giallo and Moderno), they delighting

CoffeeStore - graphics in 4 min

Functionality 'edit graphics' implemented in SOTESHOP 6.1 gives you huge opportunities to create new, unique and attractive graphical themes. When creating a new graphics, you don't have to edit and change HTML and CSS files. Now you can find all the necessary tools and components for the graphic themes'