Product groups (video documentation)

We finish this week with a nice touch - the next part of the video documentation. It's time to present the product groups which are the most basic form of promoting selected items. We encourage you to check the functionality of the product groups in SOTESHOP 6.

Administrators' permissions

We added new functionality to administrators module in the last update. You can now determine and set the administrators' permissions. New funktionality: adding permission groups, adding permissions for individual modules, setting administrators' permissions.

How to add a main e-mail account (video documentation)

Shop and no form of sales can't prosper well without the information exchange between client - seller - client. That's why it's very important to configure the module responsible for shop's communication. I encourage you to watch how easy it is to define a main e-mail account in SOTESHOP 6.

How to add widgets to your administrative panel (video documentation)

We're back after a short absence to our video documentation - the series of presentation of the selected SOTESHOP's functionality. It's time to present the novelty introduced with the release of SOTESHOP 6 - setting gadgets in the administration panel. Now you can personalize the look of the panel's

How to place an order (video documentation)

In the next episode we'd like to show you how easy is to place an order in a shop. Nothing is worse that losing a customer during the ordering process and we have the solution! The ordering process is user-friendly, intuitive and helps you retain customers. SOTESHOP 6 helps you keep customers in

How to add a product (video documentation)

We would like to introduce you to our video documentation - the series of presentation of the selected SOTESHOP's functionality. In the first episode we present the most important feature, that is, adding a product to a shop. It takes just one minute to find out, how easy it is!

Sofortbanking - new payment

Another free of charge additional appication Sofortbanking [new payment in SOTESHOP] has been just released and added to our WebStore sofortbanking is fast, safe and simple process of direct transfer by Payment Network AG. Using sofortbanking online shoppers can order to transfer certain amount of

Reviews - newly added functionality

We added new functionality to reviews module in the last update. Both module and "recently added products reviews" gadget were developed. Functionality has been enriched with: possibility to check a full product review both on the list and in the gadget, approve / skip actions both on the list

SOTESHOP 6 Video presentation

We'd like to invite you to watch our new video, presenting SOTESHOP 6 software. SOTESHOP 6 is modern, effective and user-friendly. Let it be your power in e-commerce!

Tag cloud

We've added another add-on for SOTESHOP to our WebStore. This time it's product tags This add-on allows you to create the tag cloud at your online shop by using the products' additional keywords. The most frequently repeated tags are highlighted and each of them is a clickthrough link to the product


It gives me great pleasure to announce SOTESHOP 6, the latest version, is now available. We've entered a totally new dimension when it comes to software serving online stores. It's the top solution in Poland and one of the best worldwide. SOTESHOP 6 is up-to-date, effective and user-friendly. Our

Logo – something more than just graphics

Logo says who we are. Imagine a situation where we need to convey information to a new person about our company, about ourselves. All we can do is to show it with a small image. It depends on this small picture how we will be remembered if anyone remembers us at all. Logo doesn't have to say everything