SOTESHOP Exclusive

  • net: €2,500.00

This is a turnkey product. SOTESHOP  Exclusive contains the whole package of various services needed to start running a professional online store.

The project's aim is to create a store tailored to the specific selling enviroment of your company. We select the right graphics, photos, content and site's structure. We try to create your image in the internet. The best image.

What does contain the package of exclusive graphics :

    • Proposition of your site's structure
    • Preparing the graphic design
    • Graphics implementation
    • Configuration of the shop
    • Verification of the entered datah
    • Evaluation of descriptions and photos typography
    • Shop's optimization for the best positioning in Google
    • Preparing the banners for the shop (3-5)
    • Preparing the advertisement banners for AdWords Google (3 sizes)
    • Facebook integration

When our work is done, you will get a beautiful shop and coherent presentation od your company in the Internet. You will also get tools that will help you to reach the customers in the most efficient way. If you own book of marks / brands, we will retain the compatibility with the data contained in it.


Examples of exclusive projects: