the Integration with the courier UPS

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The integration with the courier UPS, directKURIER ST the integration of the internet shop SOTESHOP with UPS courier system.

The charge for the programme is an annual fee - 99.00 PLN the net / year.

The module enables in the easy and quick way the registration of the consignment UPS. The consignment can be defined on the basis orders or groups of orders and manually through the inscription of data.

The information on the granted letter are found in the system SOTESHOP so that your customers can check on which stage of the process is found them consignment.


  • time saving
  • quick registration of the consignment
  • information for the customer
  • easy installation
  • access through the administrative panel of the shop SOTESHOP


  • the transmission of consignments UPS - the consignment can be granted from the list of orders, editions of the order and directly with plug directKURIER ST. In case of the transmission of the consignment UPS on the basis orders, given consignments are received from the order and automatically filled in the form of the shipment, the user has the possibility of the edition of filled data. However at the manual transmission of the consignment UPS, the user of the shop has a possibility of the inscription of all data manually or by means of the search engine of customers to receive data already the existing business customer.
  • the label of the consignment UPS - automatically after the registration of the consignment through plug directKURIER ST we receive the label of the consignment
  • the tracking of consignments UPS - the user of the shop and the customer have a possibility of the tracking of the consignment UPS.


Begin already today the transmission of consignments UPS in the easy and comfortable way

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