The module enables to you extending of the method of the delivery of consignments for the determinativeness by customers of points of the receipt. is the network of located next door to the workplace, the college and the house of captive outlets to which couriers can deliver consignments, taken then by recipients in comfortable for them the term (7dni or even to 21 days).

Currently this are chosen shops "Żabka" and Freshmarket, soon above 4000 points in Poland!

Himself customer decides which is point for him most convenient. serves consignments to 15 kg, with the longest side to 50cm, about the value to 5000 zloty. All consignments are ensured to 1000 zloty by which as the postal operator cares for the safety of consignments in points of the receipt in compliance with with regulations of the postright.

How does it work?

  1. e-the Shop activates the method of the delivery to points
  2. e-the Customer in the process of sales indicates point
  3. e-the Shop sends and clears the consignment with the standard process using from services of the previous courier company.
  4. The courier delivers the consignment to the point
  5. The recipient receives the notification SMS and takes the consignment from the point within 7 days.(The possible additional cash on delivery + 2,99 zloty).


What does the internet shop gains?

  • Comfortable for e-Customers the method of the delivery and the reception of consignments often 7 days on week-days, 24 hours a day,
  • The increase of the satisfaction from shopping and the strengthening of the loyalty of the customer and gaining of new customers what boosts sales
  • The smaller risk of the abandonment of the purchase basket , e-the Customer is not afraid that he will have to expect at home on the arrival of the courier,
  • Chances on the reduction of costs of courier services , thanks to reduction costs on the section of last nice in the courier company. The more consignments with e-the shop are sent to the point the reception the the stronger argument in the negotiation of better terms.

Activate already today the method of the delivery to points!

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