Translation with OpenAI Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, which is used among other things in Chat GPT, can translate texts and product descriptions while maintaining linguistic correctness and the meaning of the translated text. It does this with very high accuracy and very quickly.

This is a tool that is perfect for translating texts from an online store. We don't have to wait for the translation for many days or weeks, we can have it practically right away.

Advantages of translating with OpenAI Artificial Intelligence:

  • Speed: OpenAI uses artificial intelligence technology to generate translations in real time. Thanks to this, users can get a translation in a short time.
  • Effectiveness: OpenAI has advanced translation models that are able to accurately translate text from one language to another. These models are constantly being developed and improved, making the translations even better.
  • Quality: Translations from OpenAI are of high quality and very accurate. Thanks to this, they are useful in many different contexts, including business, education, tourism and many others.
  • Multilingualism: OpenAI supports many different languages, making it the perfect tool for those who need translation from one language to many others.
  • Automation: OpenAI can be integrated with other systems and tools, allowing for automation of the translation process. This can save time and costs associated with translations.

Translation of Descriptions

The translation of descriptions service involves the automatic translation of submitted products. The translation is done from Polish to English. Translation into another language is done from English. Therefore, if we want to translate product descriptions from Polish to German, we must first have a translation into English.

How much does translation cost?

The cost of translation from Polish to English is 3 PLN net per 1 page, assuming that one page is 1800 characters with spaces. The exact cost of the entire translation is presented before the order is completed.

The minimum cost is 1000 PLN net covering up to 500 pages.

Price comparison:

500 pages 1000 pages 5000 pages 10000 pages
1500 PLN 3000 PLN 15 000 PLN 30 000 PLN


How long does translation take?

Currently, the time to translate 1000 pages is about 48 hours. So for 10,000 pages it will be about 20 days. Calculations are performed in continuous mode 24 hours a day and there is no way to speed them up. Orders are processed by us in the order they are placed. For large quantities of products (over 1000) translation is gradual. At first we translate 100 products, then 500, 2500 etc. After each stage, 5-10% of the results are verified. The maximum number of products in one order is 10,000.

What elements does the translation include?

As part of the service, we translate texts contained in the following fields in the store:
  • Products (product name, full description, short description, additional description, product options - name and value)
  • Product groups (name)
  • Manufacturers (name, description)
  • Categories (category name, description)
  • Blog (post title, post content)
  • Websites (page title, page content)
Translation of system elements, if added to the store other than in the standard version:
  • Order statuses
  • Product group names
  • Deliveries
  • Availability
  • Payment names

Introduction of descriptions and HTML

Our service not only includes translation of descriptions, but also maintaining the formatting and layout of the description in HTML. The result is prepared in the form of an import of the description to the store and there is no need to enter data manually. In the case of HTML translations, the number of characters is counted together with the HTML code.

Can I get free samples?

Yes. You can send us 5 product pages (for 1 store) that we will translate for free. Just send us links to the products whose descriptions you want to translate.

As part of the free sample, we translate: product name, short description and full description. The translation is presented on a demo store on a standard graphic theme bianco. Translations from the demo store cannot be used in a commercial store before ordering the translation service.

Example of translation of 2500 pages

We were the first to use the new translation system on our website, where we translated over 2500 pages using OpenAI. Go to the page and see the translation.

Translation languages

Language versions supported by SOTESHOP, to which you can order a translation:

  1. Polish
  2. English
  3. Czech
  4. German
  5. Spanish
  6. French
  7. Italian
  8. Portuguese
  9. Slovak
  10. Norwegian
  11. Chinese
  12. Ukrainian

If you are interested in translation into another language, please send your inquiry to