Harness the incredible power of artificial intelligence while creating websites with AI


SOTE AI is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to support running an online store.

SOTE AI is fully integrated with the SOTESHOP program, allowing you to generate product descriptions, blog posts, translations, and other AI-generated content directly from your store's panel.

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Automatically generate content with one click

Generate AI descriptions for products

Generate texts and descriptions for products directly from the panel. Just one click to go to generating AI content for the selected product. Create a new description or expand the existing one.

Write blog posts with AI

Write blog posts with AI

If you want to add a new blog post, simply describe in your own words what should be included in the article. AI will generate the article for you. You can assign AI to creatively create.

AI translations

AI translations

Translate product data with just one click. SOTE AI also translates HTML codes, preserving the layout of the description and added images. You can even translate very long descriptions.

Generate category descriptions wit AI

Generate category descriptions with AI

Create category descriptions with SOTE AI. The system will automatically check subcategories and generate SEO-friendly descriptions. You can also add your own information to generate the description based on.

Generate manufacturer description with AI

Generate manufacturer description with AI

Write a few words about the manufacturer and artificial intelligence will create a description for the store. With one click, you can add a list of categories for the given manufacturer, which will be included in the AI description.

Images with AI

Images with AI

If you want to add a photo to your blog, just a few clicks. SOTE AI will read your blog post and suggest a photo that matches the content. You can also describe in your own words what kind of photo you need.


The SOTE AI PRO service is aimed at e-commerce stores looking for advanced AI solutions to optimize their offerings and improve sales results. In contrast to the standard service, the PRO version not only relies on general OpenAI knowledge (Chat GPT) but also retrieves and analyzes data from the store using AI in real-time.

Search for accessories with AI


Artificial intelligence will suggest types of accessories that complement the given product, and then, using AI technology, it will search for suitable offers from your store. You can also use this information to expand your product range.

Search for AI-recommended products

Recommended Products

In stores, there are often suggested products based on what other users have purchased. AI-powered recommended products take it a step further. The system searches for products that may interest the customer, even if you don't have a purchase history for them. AI-driven search will find the most relevant products directly in your store.

Search for similar products with AI

Similar Products

With one click, search for similar products and present them on the product page. This way, customers can easily find the best offer for themselves. In this section, you can also assign any products using AI-powered search.

Update recommended products, accessories, and similar products with AI


The offer data from the store is retrieved and processed on AI servers every 48 hours. This ensures that your offer is constantly updated, and you can change it at any time. Update recommended products, accessories, and similar products with AI, saving time and adjusting the offer to changes.

High SEO with AI

High SEO with AI

Good product associations have another huge advantage - improving SEO. AI recommendations for products are created when there is a relationship between products that share common features, purpose, or similar functions. It has long been known that for SEO, what matters are not just pages, but networks of connections, including internal ones. Enhance the SEO of the entire store, not just selected pages.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Utilizing AI in working on the store, both in content creation and establishing advanced connections, provides a significant competitive advantage. Additionally, leveraging AI results in lower costs, shorter working time on the store, and a better offer that customers will appreciate more willingly.

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Without restrictions or limits

Generate unlimited product descriptions, texts, and translations with AI.

There are no limits to the number of descriptions, texts, or AI translations you can generate with SOTE AI. You can create as much content as you need, whenever you need it. The fees for generating content are paid directly to OpenAI (the creators of Chat GPT) without any commission.

One subscription, no limits

One subscription, no limits

By paying a low fixed subscription fee for SOTE AI, you can harness the power of artificial intelligence without any limits, using your own OpenAI key. As a bonus, OpenAI provides you with $18 in credits for the first 3 months, which can allow you to generate up to 1500 descriptions for free.

Up to 300 times cheaper than the competition

Up to 100 times cheaper than the competition

Using your own OpenAI key allows for a significant reduction in the cost of generating AI content. For example, generating 1000 descriptions with AI could cost you between 1000-5000 PLN with the competition, while with SOTE AI, it would only cost around 50 PLN.

Unlimited text translations

Unlimited text translations

Typically, translation services have a limit of around 2000 characters. With SOTE AI, you can translate any text or HTML descriptions without any length limitations, thanks to our proprietary AI solutions.

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Tłumaczenia całego sklepu - SOTE AI Tłumaczenia całego sklepu - SOTE AI

If you are using the SOTESHOP online store, you can test the SOTE AI service completely for free. With the free service, you can generate product descriptions or translations up to 100 times. Just activate the SOTE AI service in your store.

If you don't have a store yet, create a free SOTESHOP demo. This is a full version of the store that also includes the option to test SOTE AI for free.

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See how SOTE AI works

Check out how SOTE AI revolutionizes the process of creating and translating product descriptions, providing an effective tool for online stores.

Find more videos on our YouTube channel.

Activate the SOTE AI service and start creating content and translations with AI today.

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