SOTE AI - Innovative AI tool for online stores

SOTE AI is an advanced AI tool that supports running an online store, fully integrated with the SOTESHOP program. It allows for creating product descriptions, blog posts, translations, and other elements using AI directly from the store panel.

Information about SOTE AI: 

Example of generating a product description with SOTE AI

Watch the video and learn how to activate SOTE AI in your store and generate a product description with AI.

SOTE AI Standard

The SOTE AI service in the Standard version is intended for all stores that want to optimize their work on the store and generate content based on the general knowledge of OpenAI artificial intelligence (Chat GPT).

Features and capabilities

  • Generating AI data
    • Ability to create new descriptions or expand existing ones with just one click​​.
    • Generating descriptions in HTML
    • Ability to generate multiple versions of a description.
    • Generating AI data for different language versions.
    • Choosing options for generating data: best, unique, creative
  • Generating product descriptions
    • Ability to create new descriptions or expand existing ones with just one click​​.
    • Option to generate a description from the product name alone.
    • Selection of multiple AI algorithms for generating descriptions.
  • Creating blog content
    • SOTE AI allows for creative generation of blog articles based on user-provided guidelines.
    • Selection of multiple AI algorithms for generating articles.
    • Option to generate an article based on the title alone.
  • AI images for blogs
    • Generating images based on user-provided descriptions.
    • Creating image descriptions based on blog content.
    • Style: artistic, natural.
    • Choice of image detail quality: standard, HD.
  • Websites
    • Generating SEO descriptions.
  • Generating category descriptions.
    • Analysis of subcategories.
    • Generating SEO descriptions.
  • Generating manufacturer descriptions
    • Analysis of categories with the manufacturer's products.
    • Generating SEO descriptions.
  • AI translations
    • SOTE AI allows for translation in modules:
      • Products
      • Blog
      • Categories
      • Manufacturers
      • Banners
      • Product groups
      • Websites
      • Order statuses
      • Shipping
    • Translations of texts with HTML code.
    • No text length limitations.
  • Positioning
    • Generating meta tags: title, description, keywords for:
      • Products
      • Blog
      • Categories
      • Manufacturers
      • Web pages

No limitations and low costs

  • No limits on content generation
    • Service allows for creating unlimited number of descriptions, texts and translations.
  • Usage costs
    • Low fixed subscription and the ability to use your own Open AI key. Offers significant savings compared to the competition. Up to 100 times cheaper!

Free trial version

  • Free Trial Version: The ability to test SOTE AI for free, with the option to generate up to 100 product descriptions or translations. This does not apply to the functionality of the Pro version - using these features requires downloading and analyzing data from the store, so they are not available for testing.

Creating an account and payments in Open AI

  • To use the SOTE AI service, the user must create a free account on Open AI and generate an API key. This process is simple and allows for full utilization of AI capabilities.
  • Using this service also requires making payments to Open AI. Payments for generating AI content are made directly to Open AI.
  • SOTE AI does not impose any additional fees, making the costs significantly lower than the competition. For example, generating 1000 descriptions with AI can cost between 1000 and 5000 PLN with the competition, while with SOTE AI it is only about 15 PLN.
  • Starting bonus - Open AI offers 18 USD for 3 months, which can allow for generating up to 5000 descriptions for free (information as of 2023-12-07, current promotions should be checked on the OpenAI website).

SOTE AI Technology

The SOTE AI service utilizes both Open AI and Chat GPT artificial intelligence systems, as well as its own AI solutions developed by SOTE. The combination of both technologies allows for an increase in the system's capabilities and makes it easier to use artificial intelligence in an online store.