Grafika sklepu internetowego SOTESHOP

Graphic design updates

If you have one of the standard graphic design themes, you can edit graphics from the admin panel. Go to the document describing how to easily change the graphics.

Graphic design editing in the panel

In the store, you can select one of the standard graphic design layouts and copy it to create your own graphic design. You can change the selected HTML files and maintain their compliance with any updates.

Graphic design upgrade plan

Grafika sklepu internetowego SOTESHOP

Usprawnij swój sklep

Any changes in the graphics are instantly visible and are instantly effective. Sometimes just a few changes can largely improve your store image. It is best to plan changes in the graphic layout of your store before any new season or once a year at the minimum, depending on the specifics of the store.

If no changes in the your store graphic layout have been made for at least a year or if you have a new product offer and you want to update your store image, this option is just for you.

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