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Good graphics of an online store is not only a beautiful appearance, it is also better positioning and more effective advertising.

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SOTE AI is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to support running an online store.

SOTE AI is fully integrated with the SOTESHOP program, allowing you to generate product descriptions, blog posts, translations, and other AI-generated content directly from your store's panel.

Automatically generate content with one click

Generate AI descriptions for products

Generate texts and descriptions for products directly from the panel. Just one click to go to generating AI content for the selected product. Create a new description or expand the existing one.

Write blog posts with AI

Write blog posts with AI

If you want to add a new blog post, simply describe in your own words what should be included in the article. AI will generate the article for you. You can assign AI to creatively create.

AI translations

AI translations

Translate product data with just one click. SOTE AI also translates HTML codes, preserving the layout of the description and added images. You can even translate very long descriptions.

Generate category descriptions wit AI

Generate category descriptions with AI

Create category and manufacturer descriptions with SOTE AI. The system will automatically check subcategories and generate SEO-friendly descriptions. You can also add your own information to generate the description based on.

Generate manufacturer description with AI

Search for similar products and accessories.

AI-powered recommended products suggest items that may interest the customer, even if you don't have a purchase history for them. AI search will find the most relevant products directly in your store.

Images with AI

Images with AI

If you want to add a photo to your blog, just a few clicks. SOTE AI will read your blog post and suggest a photo that matches the content. You can also describe in your own words what kind of photo you need.


Chat and AI Assistant in SOTESHOP. AI Revolution in Customer Service.

We have very good news for our customers and a new revolutionary solution using artificial intelligence: Chat AI. Thanks to this solution, store customers will be able to talk to the AI Assistant, who will provide them with product information and help them make a purchase decision. The new Chat AI feature is available as part of SOTE AI PRO.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Product Page. Generate answers with SOTE AI and GPT 4o.

We have a double surprise for our customers. The first is a new element on the card: "Product Questions," which allows for the presentation of frequently asked questions and answers with the ability for customers to ask questions. The second is artificial intelligence support in providing answers by the seller in the store panel, thanks to the SOTE AI service. With just one click, artificial intelligence will answer the asked question. Try the new SOTESHOP features now.

The latest version of Chat GPT 4o in SOTESHOP. Even better product descriptions with AI, up to 20,000 characters.

On May 13, 2024, OpenAI presented the groundbreaking version of Chat GPT 4o. Just 10 days later, we introduce support for this advanced technology for SOTESHOP. With integration into SOTE AI, our customers can now create more attractive product descriptions and manage data in their online stores using the latest achievements in artificial intelligence.

New product descriptions generated by SOTE AI. Now you have 5 ready types of AI descriptions.

Generating product descriptions with SOTE AI greatly simplifies and speeds up work. Just one click to generate a description... or 2 or 3. The AI-generated description is different each time, and sometimes you need to generate several to find the best one. To facilitate this process, we have added 3 new types (making 5 in total) of descriptions that generate different types of results, allowing you to choose what best suits the product.

Great benefits for SEO and positioning with an additional language version.

Adding a new language version allows not only to reach new customers in Poland and foreign sales, but also has real benefits for SEO and positioning of the entire store. It is one of the simplest and fastest methods to add SEO value to the entire online store, also in the Polish version.

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