About Us

About Us

At SOTE we create software for running online stores. We are a Poznan-based company, operating on the market for 20 years. We offer the SOTESHOP program, which is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in Poland.

We design our software for small and medium-sized companies that want to sell online. SOTESHOP is also adapted to international sales, so many of our customers operate outside of Poland.

We focus on the ease of use of the program and its reliability. Aesthetics and attention to detail are also extremely important to us. We create such online stores that we would like to buy from ourselves.

We have been continuously developing the software and providing professional service for our stores. We offer services related to the implementation of the store, graphic design and programming.

We help our customers sell effectively online.

SOTE Jakubowicz Spółka Jawna
ul. Wolsztyńska 2
60-361 Poznań
tel. +48 736 382 120,
tel. +48 736 382 121,
email: office@sote.pl